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Agenda 05/21/2009
Municipal Renovations Committee
Thursday, May 21, 2009
6:30 PM Personnel Conference Room
Approval of Minutes of MRC Meeting of 5/07/09.
Update of St Francis/MRC shared parking design and all other associated matters by Mr. Cook.
Update on status of FFE budget review by Mr. Zordan.
Presentation of O&G GMP analysis by Ms Purcell, to include detailed presentation of Reimbursable Costs and O&G Contingency fund.
Review of discussion to lock in  a portion of planned project savings now that GMP figures are available. – Mr. Clark
Presentation of construction status by Mr. Prentis to include:
Status of request for architect direction concerning brick pointing/clean/repair.
            Status of suggested water line change at Traffic Building
            Status of alarm system definition proposed for City Hall
            Next steps for O&G
Update by Friar Associates.
Status of City department efforts to reduce the expense of moving back to renovated City Hall – Mr. Nocera.
Status of Probate record processing to Iron Mountain.
Status of Storage area clean out of building department loose prints/plans and Assessor’s obsolete records, (according to City Clerk).        
Other Business